The Charlie's Fast Lube Sikeston Guide to Saving Fuel: Beware of Myths

June 16, 2024

There's a lot of auto advice in Missouri right now on how to save money on gas. Some of it is good advice. Some of it isn't. Some of it is myth. And it may well be a scam. Plain and simple. When someone offers you a product designed to save money on gas, ask yourself, Does this sound too good to ... More

Full of Hot Air (Air Conditioning)

June 9, 2024

In warm weather, you want to be in a cool vehicle. When we're talking cool, we don't mean stylish or trendy, but cool as in not sweltering inside. And if your vehicle's air conditioner stops working correctly, it seems to always break at the worst timeduring a heat wave. Automotive air conditio... More

Steering You Right (Power Steering Signs of Problems)

June 2, 2024

Nearly every modern vehicle on the road today has power steering, a wonderful invention that makes steering take far less effort than it did in the "good old days." Today, we take our steering for granted: until something goes wrong, that is. Most power steering these days is rack-and-pinion, th... More

Flat Tire? Three?s the Charm (Tire Repair)

May 26, 2024

For most drivers, at some point youre going to have a flat tire. Depending on how it was damaged, it may have to be replaced. But sometimes, a repair will do the trick, as long as the puncture isnt on the sidewall and the hole is smaller than inch/6.35mm in diameter. Here are the three common w... More

Keeping Your Cool (Water Pump Replacement)

May 19, 2024

No matter what the temperature is outside, it's important for your vehicle's engine to remain cool, calm, and collected. Well, cool, anyway. If your vehicle has a gasoline engine, it's powered by a bunch of explosions involving spark plugs, pistons, gasoline, and air. And the by-product of all ... More

For Brakes' Sake (Brake Rotor Service in Sikeston)

May 12, 2024

Think of how much abuse your brakes take. Day in and day out, they stop your vehicle when it's going fast and when it's going slow. Maybe your vehicle has been vibrating when you brake, or maybe it seems like your stopping distance is a little bit longer than it used to be. Then it's time to get ... More

Timing Belt Replacement in Sikeston

May 5, 2024

Today we want to talk to Sikeston drivers about timing belts. They're something that many drivers don't know much about and yet your vehicle won't run if it's broken and it could cause many thousands of dollars damage if it does break. A broken timing belt is usually a tale of woe. Even though ... More

Water Everywhere (Clogged Drains)

April 28, 2024

It's bad enough when you mistakenly leave a window open in your vehicle on a rainy day and you find your carpet soaked. But what in the world is going on when your windows are closed tight, not leaking and you STILL wind up with wet carpet? The answer could be something you might not even know y... More

Straight to the Point (Alignment Signs of Problems)

April 21, 2024

Its just common sense that your vehicle will drive better if all the wheels are lined up with each other and the road the way the engineers intended. When theyre not, that is called being out of alignment. Here are some signs that your alignment has problems. Your steering wheel isnt straight... More

A Door No One Can Step Through (Fuel Door Repair and Maintenance)

April 14, 2024

Your vehicle has lots of doors including that one usually near the back on the vehicle's side. That's the fuel door, something you use every time you gas up. These endure hundreds of open-and-close cycles, usually without any problems. But when they act up, it can be a major inconvenience for ... More