Check Engine Light Diagnosis at Charlie's Fast Lube Sikeston

March 26, 2023

Hello Sikeston . Have you ever had your Check Engine light come on? Did you panic? Or just scowl and ignore it? What should you do? Pull to the side of the road and call a tow truck? Or just keep driving? What does that little light really mean for Sikeston drivers?First of all, the Check Engine... More

Sniffing Out a Problem

March 19, 2023

Your parents probably taught you to have common sense. When it comes to your vehicle, common scents can also come in handy. Different smells may tell you about some conditions in your vehicle that need attention. For example, you know what rotten eggs smell like. If you smell them around your ve... More

Fuel System Cleaning the Professional Way at Charlie's Fast Lube Sikeston

March 12, 2023

Your fuel system needs to be clean to do its job properly. When it gets dirty, the results are lower engine performance, reduced fuel economy and impaired safety. It can even lead to costly repair bills for Sikeston drivers. So keep your fuel system clean as part of your routine preventive mainte... More

Is Your Sikeston Driving Severe?

March 5, 2023

People near Sikeston, Missouri, often ask Charlie's Fast Lube Sikeston how often they should have a particular service done. It's a great thing to ask. You can look at your owner's manual or have your Sikeston, Missouri, service advisor at Charlie's Fast Lube Sikeston look up your vehicle in a se... More

No Fountain of Youth (Aging Tires)

February 26, 2023

Can you think of anyone who enjoys aging? Wrinkles where you don't want them, gray hair, eyes that won't focus any more, no stamina. Believe it or not, your tires age, too, and they don't get better the older they get. And here's the important thing to know, even if they can still pass a tread... More

The Charlie's Fast Lube Sikeston Guide to Servicing Your Differential

February 19, 2023

Differential? What's that? And what's it for? I've been told by my service advisor that I need to get it serviced, but is that on the level?Do these questions sound familiar? They're not uncommon for Sikeston drivers. A lot of us in Sikeston don't know what a differential is or what it's for. Ev... More

Road Ready (Trip Inspection)

February 12, 2023

Maybe you've been cooped up for a while and are yearning for a change of scenery. Or maybe you need to visit a relative who lives far away. You choose not to fork out the big bucks for airline tickets, so it's time for a road trip. Make sure you're road ready by having your vehicle professiona... More

Sikeston Exhaust and Emissions Service

February 5, 2023

Many Sikeston residents don't realize that there is more to exhaust system maintenance than just tailpipes and mufflers, if you can see smoke or if it's too loud. Exhaust service at a full-service automotive center like Charlie's Fast Lube Sikeston is really a lot more comprehensive these days.F... More

Battery Replacement at Charlie's Fast Lube Sikeston in Sikeston

January 29, 2023

Hello, welcome to Charlie's Fast Lube Sikeston. Today's focus is batteries. It seems like everything in Sikeston runs on batteries. Of course, the batteries we're most concerned with here at Charlie's Fast Lube Sikeston are those in our customer's vehicles. Just like the batteries in our smoke d... More

To Fix or Not To Fix: That Is the Question.

January 22, 2023

No matter what vehicle you drive, when certain things break, you have to make a decision. Should I get it fixed now, later or never? Air conditioning is one of those things. You can certainly live without air conditioning, but it sure is nice to have on a sweltering day. Let's say your air con... More